vent session

Money has been extremely tight so I’ve been very stressed. Jordan does construction so there are times when jobs are nonexistent, so for the last two weeks he’s had no work. Well because of Spring break, I also had a week with no pay, and on top of that I got a pay cut from the church (I did ask for fewer hours and less money because the church hasn’t made much money either and I didn’t want to be burdensome to them). Then someone hit my car causing $2000+ in damage and since I lease my car I got it fixed right away and had to pay a $500 deductible. Oh and let’s not forget my two medical bills that are due in June, oh and on top of that rent is due on the 1st and our health insurance and our phone bill. ugh.

But now I’ve taken on more hours at the school to help with money, so I’ve been at the school 8am-5:30pm and working at the church at least two nights a week. So I’ve been busy, which I don’t mind, but I do mind how super dirty our apartment is because we’ve both been lazy and have each already logged in 30+ hours so far this week. So I’m just on edge because of the mess, not to mention this kitten gets poop everywhere because he doesn’t know how to properly clean his butt -__-

And I just can’t wait for the weekend, but I offered to work at the church extra this weekend for an event so I could make some extra money to help us. I just want to take a day off to get myself organized, that’s all! When things aren’t in order I get crazy!! It’s too much for me.